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Property Management

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Property Management


Property Management has left Schools’ Choice and is now part of Vertas Group Limited. Please visit the Vertas website for service information. 



Providing professional Property management services to keep schools and academies healthy, safe and open

Keeping your school healthy, safe and open

Our Property Management Services team provides a professional and technical property management service, working with you to keep your school healthy, safe and open.

Our packages provide you with access to competent and vetted contractors, plus a wider range of skills and experience in all aspects of property management within the educational sector, supported by an experienced and dedicated Corporate Property Advisor.










 What people say
“Our Corporate Property Advisor is very knowledge and quick to come back with a response if she does not have an immediate answer. Also having worked in an education environment, she is fully aware of where our comments are coming from.'' 
Palgrave Primary School

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